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Criteria for the Awards

Business Awards

Business of the Year – + 9 Members of Staff

Judges will be looking for a clear business plan and achievement of stated business 

objectives. An understanding of the market and how the company meets the needs 

of its customers must be shown (evidence of training and development of the 

workforce, and then understanding and commitment of staff of all levels towards the 

business vision, are key criteria). Judges will also take account of a positive 

commitment to Rugby Borough.

Small Business of the Year  - Less than 9 members of staff

For businesses which employ fewer than 10 full-time staff.  Judges will be looking for 

a clear business plan and the ability to demonstrate achievement of business 

objectives. Clear understanding of the market and customers’ needs must be shown.   

Town Centre Business of the Year - 

Open to all shops, restaurants and businesses within Rugby Town Centre. In this 

category, judges will consider factors such as store layout, customer service level, 

product availability and quality alongside initiatives which have had a positive impact 

on Rugby Town Centre.

Hospitality Business of the Year - 

Judges will be looking for a restaurant, cafe, hotel or B&B which adds value to 

Rugby and demonstrates that it is a robust business.

Team of the Year – Open to business and non business

Employers can nominate three or more people who either work together usually, or 

just for a particular project. Judges will be looking for teams which have made a 

significant contribution to the business, showing commitment to team working and 

mutual support and respect. 

Customer Care Award 

If you have received outstanding treatment when all you were expecting was hassle, 

this is the award for you! Judges will be looking for cases where customers are 

treated with care, courtesy and respect. 

 Business Person of the Year

The judges will be looking for a business person who shows a genuine 

entrepreneurial spirit and has contributed to the business community in Rugby 


Artisan Business Award 

This award aims to reward the creativity of the skilled crafts and local producers that produce or prepare quality products with a strong emphasis on local sourcing and the contribution made to the long term sustainability of the local community in which they live and run their business. The category is open to all artisan businesses providing locally made or sourced products.


Arts Organisation Award 

This award is open to all arts organisations, whether profit or non-profit making. Judges will be looking for an organisation that engages with the local community, supports local talent and contributes to the culture of the area

Community Awards

Citizen of the Year 

Judges will be looking for individuals whose selfless efforts have left a lasting 

impression on the lives of others and who have made a significant contribution to 

improving life in Rugby borough.

Carer of the Year 

This award is designed to recognise the work of hundreds of carers in Rugby 

borough. Judges will be looking to choose one individual who has gone beyond the 

call of duty and exceeded the expectations of their role. 

Community Impact Award 

This award recognises the charitable work of either an organisation, individual or group that has made a dramatic impact on the lives of those within Rugby..

Educator / Coach of the Year 

This award recognises a person whose teaching, leadership or mentoring has 

inspired others to achieve more in their education and career.  Judges will be looking 

for either an individual or an organisation that has made a real difference in their 

students' lives. 

Young Achiever of the Year 

Judges will be looking for a young person (under 21 years of age) who has 

contributed significantly to life in Rugby borough and who has shown commitment to 

their local community.

Long Service Volunteer of the Year

This award is designed to recognize an individual who has volunteered for the same 

organization for over 5 years and has made a difference to the organisation and to 

others within the community.

Rugby’s Pride Award 

This special award recognises the work of an individual or group who makes an 

outstanding contribution to life in Rugby borough. Judges will be looking for an 

ambassador to the town whose contribution to our local area improves life for 

residents and visitors, and whose commitment is outstanding.


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